The true story of my life.I have Buerger's Disease. Cigarettes didn't do this to me. I did it myself. Smoking Got Me. I lost.

I never thought this was going to happen to me … Brandon Carmichael

Who Is Brandon Carmichael

Brandon is a leading advocate of helping the youth of today become smoke–free. His experiences and journey in life have placed him in a unique position to connect with today's youth and educate them on the effects of smoking. Brandon's involvement in tobacco awareness has been extensive:

Brandon Carmichael
  • Served on the Community Health Grant Program Advisory Committee in his home state of North Dakota
  • Member of the American Cancer Society State Council
  • Assisted Cass County Public Health Department to pass coalition on smoke free restaurants and bars for the city of Fargo, ND
  • Member of Campaign for Tobacco–free Kids
  • Member of BreatheND

Brandon has had the opportunity to share his experiences with schools and other social groups throughout the Midwest. He has presented to the North Dakota legislature, American Cancer Society, City council meetings, and has touched the lives of thousands of kids over the course of 350 speeches across hundreds of towns in the Midwest … and he is ready to share with your group too!

How It All Began

In 1999, Brandon was a senior at West Fargo High School in West Fargo, North Dakota. His last year of High School started no different than his classmates. Halfway to graduation day, he cut his big toe on a piece of glass in his kitchen. This tiny piece of glass would eventually impact Brandon's life forever. The toe would not heal properly and left many medical experts puzzling over his condition. After months of testing by several medical professionals, they finally found the root cause of this medical anomaly. And would leave Brandon's body changed … forever.

Brandon eventually learned he was suffering from a permanent disease that progresses and is heightened by the use of tobacco. Brandon was a casual smoker at 18, and encountered a major crossroad in his life.

Brandon will take you through his journey of frustration, determination, perseverance, and victory. He will share his story of the trials and tribulations as a result of his many surgeries and amputations. He will deliver a powerful message of how the use of tobacco can grip your life so quick, and change it forever.

Brandon Carmichael

What Others Have Said

  • “Your Presentation of SmokingGotMe was one of the highlights, if not the most significant highlight, of our two–day event. Thank you for sharing you very thought provoking experiences with us. I couldn't sum up your presentation better than the students who said you provided a reality check for users and wanna be users of tobacco. You opened our eyes.”
    Jim ShearerChemical Health Initiative Coordinator
  • “Your personal message is very powerful and I hope you continue to talk about your battle with this addictive substance, because your story is one of victory. You have more than overcome this addiction that caused you to lose your leg, you are the real winner because you have saved so many lives despite your loss. I still get chills when I hear your message and watch your video, it is a story I wish that every young person in the country could hear.”
    Linda KohlsExecutive Director American Cancer Society
Brandon Carmichael
  • “I think if you continue on doing this, you will have a huge impact on all ages of smokers. Even now I truly believe that you have changed the minds of many of my classmates.”
    9th GraderFargo North High School
  • “Lots of students had comments to say about what they had learned from you and about how something like this could ever happen to someone so young. The pictures will definitely leave a lasting impression in the minds if the 9th grade students. Lots of the students also made the comment of how up beat you are even though you are faced with such a tragic disease.”
    Mrs. Malusky9th Grade Health TeacherFargo North High School

What He Can Do For You

Brandon shares his story to any group or gathering. His message is appropriate to all ages!

Brandon Carmichael is available for:

Brandon Carmichael
  • Youth Gatherings
  • School Assemblies
  • Church Groups
  • Community Education Programs

… and he would like to share his powerful message with your group!

Event Scheduling

If you are interested in scheduling me for an event at your school or other organization, fill out the request form. I will contact you as soon as possible, or ...

Write to:
  • Brandon Carmichael
  • 708 14th Ave E.
  • West Fargo, ND 58078
  • 701-866-9312

*Mention this email when scheduling your next event for a discount, must be scheduled spring 2012 for discount to be valid*

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