The true story of my life.I have Buerger's Disease. Cigarettes didn't do this to me. I did it myself. Smoking Got Me. I lost.

Hi there, and welcome! My name is Brandon Carmichael.Brandon Carmichael I am a husband, step-dad, friend, brother, son, and finally; a student at Minnesota State Community and Technical College.

My life was severely complicated in April of 1999, when I was first diagnosed with Buerger's disease (thromboangiitis obliterans), a smoking-related disease. It was my senior year; I was only 18 years old!

Since then, with the use of public speaking and this website, I have been trying to inform people of the dangers of tobacco. Even though everyone knows "smoking is harmful," smoking-related diseases still cost the United States more than $150 billion a year. After living with Buerger's disease, and becoming a statistic myself, it is now obvious that I overlooked the dangers of cigarettes.

I believe that it is my responsibility to share my personal story about my addiction, triumphs, and tribulations; so you, or a loved one, won’t have to learn first hand the ugliness that comes with tobacco use.

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